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The following selections do not fit into a tidy box with a common theme, but in the whole are a much broader variety of imagery.  This group could be labeled Miscellany or even Untitled (as many of them are).  Nonetheless, I consider them worthy to present here. Who knows, maybe one day some may become the beginning of a complete collection.
Near Hanksville, Utah  8:16 P.M.  July 2, 2014   
Near Hanksville, Utah  8:24 P.M.  July 2, 2014   
Sandbar On The Merced River    2010
Balanced Rocks Near Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon    2013
K e n  H o c h f e l d
View From Port Orford Heads    2017
F i n e  A r t  P h o t o g r a p h y
View from Yoakam Point  2018
Secret Beach  2021
Secret Beach #2  2021