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The following selections do not fit into a tidy box with a common theme, but in the whole are a much broader variety of imagery.  This group could be labeled Miscellany or even Untitled (as many of them are).  Nonetheless, I consider them worthy to present here. Who knows, maybe one day some may become the beginning of a complete collection.
Near Hanksville, Utah  8:16 P.M.  July 2, 2014   
Near Hanksville, Utah  8:24 P.M.  July 2, 2014   
Neawanna Creek Joins The Sea At Low Tide    2014
Columbia River Tide Water On Clatsop Spit    2015
Sandbar On The Merced River    2010
Balanced Rocks Near Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon    2013
K e n  H o c h f e l d
View From Port Orford Heads    2017
F i n e  A r t  P h o t o g r a p h y
View from Yoakam Point  2018
Remnants of a Receding Tide    2014