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They Call It Home
The Southeastern Utah Collection
They Call it Home  The Southeastern Utah Collection is a photo documentary about the people of San Juan County, Utah.  Originally produced in 1972-1973, these photographs were given a renewed life forty years later when Ken Hochfeld and Dr. Gary Shumway published a book of this work accompanied by Shumway's personal recollections of the life and the people of San Juan County.

Although in 1972 there was nothing particularly unusual about the people of San Juan County, there existed then, and continues today, a rural American, western lifestyle with a strong commitment to building their lives in the remote and difficult land they shared.  These photographs offer a personal glimpse into the various communities in southeastern Utah.  The images tell a universal American story about the nature of our independence, our interdependence, and the powerful pride we take in the places we call home.  It speaks to our hearts and to our memories of times past in a way that reminds us of the collective spirit of our national heritage.

Blanche and Justin Black    1973
Olin and Hazel Oliver    1972
Doug Galbraith    1972
Norman Nielson    1973
Hazel Lyman    1972
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