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  The Gorge Beckons: Change & Continuity
Friderike Heuer
Ken Hochfeld

"The Deschutes River Flowing Into the Columbia"  (Infrared)   2023
The Deschutes River marks the eastern most boundary in Oregon of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.  The Sandy River marks the Oregon western boundary.

"The Oak Tree"   2023
"The Bridge of the Gods"   2023
"View of Mt. Hood"   2023
"The Hare"   2023
"Columbia River Gorge, Washington Railroad Tunnels 8, 9 and 10"   2022 
In 1908 eleven tunnels were built along the north bank of the Columbia River
by the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railroad.

"Golden Hills Near The Eastern End of the Columbia River Gorge, Washington"  (Infrared)   2023

"Lyle, Washington at The Columbia River From Rowena Crest"  2022